The walnut: dried, whole or diced, walnuts are an eclectic and fanciful ingredient to enrich any culinary creation…
This section is sure to satisfy even those with endless imagination – with this selection of recipes, we want to show you just how versatile the Lara walnut really is: from aperitifs to antipasti, starters and mains, desserts and digestifs…

Walnut pancakes

Difficulty: low

Preparation: 15 minutes

Servings for: 12 pancakes


Here is a delicious alternative to the typical American breakfast: walnut pancakes. »

Baked pears with gorgonzola and walnuts

Difficulty: low

Preparation: 35 minutes

Dose for: 4 people


Salted baked pears are a delicious, very tasty vegetarian appetizer with a particular flavour. »

Chicken in yogurt with walnuts and turmeric

Difficulty: low

Preparation: 10 minutes + 2 hours of rest

Cooking: 20 minutes

Dose for: 3 people


A second course that is appetizing and easy to prepare. The secret? Marinating in the refrigerator. »

Creamy polenta with walnuts and ricotta

Difficulty: low
Preparation: 40 minutes

Cooking time: 30 minutes

Ingredients for: 4 people


A simple, yet very tasty recipe, perfect for warming up even the coldest winter days!


Fish fillets with speck and walnuts

Difficulty: low

Cooking time: 15 minutes

Preparation: 10 minutes

Ingredients for: 2 people


A tasty main fish course that is easy to prepare, pan-ready in just a few minutes»

Pizza with walnuts, pears and gorgonzola fondue

Difficulty: low

Preparation: 50 min

Leavening: 24 hours

Portions: 4 people


This pizza is very reminiscent of the 80s, due to the particular combination of its ingredients, between the sweet of the pears and the savoury of the other components. »

Savoury cheesecake with Gorgonzola and walnuts

Difficulty: low

Preparation: 1 hour

Cooling: 2 hours

Servings: 16 people


This savoury cheesecake is an eye-catching, delicate and extremely tasty dish.


Beetroot, goat’s cheese and walnuts

Difficulty: low
Preparation: 10 minutes

Servings: 4 people


This colourful dish is easy to prepare, but highly original and appetising. »

Walnut ice cream

Difficulty: low
Preparation: 45 min + 10 hours to cool

Servings: 8 people


Walnut ice cream is perfect as a cool, summer snack or as a base for a semifreddo »

Canape of oven-baked brie with walnut

Difficulty: low
Cooking time: 10 min
Preparation time: 10 min

Serves: 4 people


Are you looking for an easy starter? Do you want an idea for a quick appetizer? This oven-baked brie and walnut canape with dried figs, cranberries and honey is just the recipe you’re looking for! »

Italian rice cake with a crunch
Torta di riso al croccante - Italian rice cake with a crunch

Difficulty: medium
Baking time: 10 minutes
Preparation time: 40 minutes

The Italian rice cake with a crunch is a super simple cake perfect for a lunchtime feast or as a healthy snack. A recipe without flour, butter, sugar or cream, beloved for its simplicity. If you’re looking for a gluten-free treat that’s tasty too, then follow these simple steps. »

Nocino semifreddo
Semifreddo al nocino - Nocino semifreddo

Difficulty: low
Chilling time: 2 hours
Preparation time: 30 minutes
Serves: 4

Nocino semifreddo is a delicious summer treat, ideal for outdoor lunches enjoyed leisurely in the garden, savouring the intense flavour this dessert has to offer. »

Walnut crostata

Difficulty: medium
Baking time: 30 minutes
Preparation time: 1 hour 30 minutes

This walnuts crostata is a tasty dessert for your most gourmand guests.
A stand-out dessert, it’s the perfect way to finish your meal, but also a great healthy snack for children and adults. »

Walnut pudding
Budino alle noci - Walnut pudding

Difficulty: medium
Baking time: 30-35 minutes
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Serves: 6

This walnut pudding is a fresh, summery dessert. The combination of subtle flavours and crunchy walnuts makes this a stand-out sweet treat. »

Nocino chocolate cake
Torta al nocino con cioccolato - Nocino chocolate cake

Difficulty: low
Baking time: 35 minutes
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Makes: 1 cake

This Nocino Chocolate Cake is very light and can be enjoyed as a dessert or as a tasty snack. »

Honey and walnut muffins
Muffin al miele e noci - Honey and walnut muffins

Difficulty: low
Baking time: 15 minutes
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Makes: 9 muffins

Honey and walnut muffins are a fun tasty treat. A little imagination makes for a deliciously fun final course. »

Hazelnut crunch
Croccante di nocciole - Hazelnut crunch

Difficulty: low
Preparation time: 30 minutes
Serves: 4

This hazelnut crunch is a fun, calorie-filled sweet treat. »

Autumn biscotti
Biscotti d'autunno - Autumn biscotti

Difficulty: low
Baking time: 15 minutes
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Makes: 20 biscotti

Hazelnuts, honey, almonds and sultanas. These are the special ingredients in our Autumn biscotti. »

Walnut and vegetable tartare
Tartara vegetariana alle noci - Walnut and vegetable tartare

Difficulty: low
Preparation time: 15 minutes

Walnut and vegetable tartare is a fresh, healthy vegetarian dish that’s great for adults and children alike. »

Rocket salad with pear, parmesan and walnut
Insalata di rucola, pere, grana e noci - Rocket salad with pear, parmesan and walnut

Difficulty: very low
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Serves: 4

This rocket salad with pear, parmesan and walnut is a simple side dish, rich in contrasting flavours that complement each other perfectly. »