This section contains a selection of our favourite sayings and interesting facts about walnuts, hazelnuts, Nocino and walnut oil. If you have any of your own, please send them to us, we’ll be happy to publish them!

A wish full of… walnuts!

Nowadays, people at weddings throw rice at the newlyweds, but in ancient Rome they threw walnuts!

This custom has very ancient origins, but it has kept its meaning over the centuries.


Walnut leaves in herbalist shops

The walnut is a precious plant, of which virtually all the parts can be used.

In addition to its delicious nuts and its wood, which is used to make fine furniture, walnut leaves are also precious elements »

How to remove the skin from walnut kernels

Not all walnuts are the same. Depending on the variety, they can have a sweeter or more tangy, even bitter taste. »

Walnut shells as fuel

We are becoming increasingly aware of the environment in our daily decisions, in what we buy, how we use and dispose of it. »

The legend of the Benevento walnut

Long ago, it was said that on the night of San Giovanni, witches flew in the sky by the thousands, on their way to the great Sabbath held at the walnut tree in Benevento


Walnut, Bach’s floral remedy

Bach flowers – or Bach flower remedies – are a form of alternative medicine conceived by British doctor Edward Bach (1886 – 1936).


Walnut shells for plants

Often, after a nice dinner with friends, we find ourselves snacking with walnuts, and at the end of the evening there is a nice pile of shells that are normally thrown away. »

Walnuts and saints

The symbolism of the walnut has always figured in many spheres, from folk lore, to mythology and rituals linked to specific occurrences.

We have discovered that even in the Christian religion, the walnut was associated with specific meanings »

The “power” of three-lobed walnuts

Have you ever found a three-lobed walnut? It is said that there is one in 150.000!

Usually, in popular beliefs, finding something rare means having lots of luck. »

The hazelnut tree in folk lore

Just like other trees, the hazelnut also has a special significance in folk lore.


The walnut tree in Greek mythology

The walnut tree is linked to numerous legends of northern, Greek, and Roman mythology.

Since in Greece they thought it was a gift from the Persian kings, the ancient Greeks called it ‘Karya Basilica’ or royal walnut, and considered it a prophetic tree.


Walnuts in fairy tales

The walnut tree and its fruit have always occupied a position of note in the popular legends and fairy tales of great writers. »

Dream of walnuts

Have you ever dreamt of walnuts?

Yes, maybe it is a little unusual but if it should happen, you should know that your dream symbolises the possible discovery of something that satisfies and makes you feel good.


Born under the sign of the walnut

What is your sign?

If you were born between 21 and 30 April or between 24 October and 2 November, according to the Celtic horoscope, you were born under the sign of the Walnut!


In China walnuts are…collectible!

The walnut is an extremely ancient fruit, eaten and used for various purposes not only in our country, but also in the Far East.

Reading various articles, we have discovered that walnuts, arriving in China in around 200 BC, have entered people’s lives in truly bizarre ways.


The “Time of walnuts”

Tablets, smartphones, and expensive electronic games for children?!

In the end, everyone knows: kids have fun with simple things! A bit of water, sand, grass, and they turn into small cooks or great sorcerers!

At the time of the Romans, the true stars of many childhood games were walnuts, which were used as alternatives to marbles. »

A tribute to traditions: Padre Pio’s cake

Are you lovers of heritage handed down from generation to generation?

Do you want to try your hand in the kitchen and make a cake the old-fashioned way?

Padre Pio’s Cake is a traditional dessert whose recipe has been passed on for many generations, and its preparation turns into a moment of sharing among different families. »

Walnut oil

In Italy, due to a lack of olive groves and the high cost of olive oil, the use of walnut oil developed mainly in the north, where every house had its own walnut tree in the garden. Walnut oil fast became a key ingredient, still used today, in the preparation of one particular dish – the Bagna Cauda, a typical Piedmont recipe. »

Nocino – tradition and legend

“La Notte di San Giovanni”, Saint John’s Eve, is a special night – believed to be a time to read the future (hence the Italian saying “San Giovanni non vuole inganni” – which translates as “Saint John wants no tricks”) and to gather herbs which, during the summer solstice, are richer than ever in vitality and aroma. »

Sayings, proverbs and traditions

“He who plants a walnut tree expects not to eat the fruit” is the translation of a traditional Italian proverb, which certainly doesn’t take into account our new early fruiting varieties.
One old Tuscan saying likened getting into an argument with someone even more stubborn than you to “trying to eat walnuts with their shell on”. »