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“I love walnuts for the memories they bring back as I break open the shell and gradually reveal the nut… giving a little cheer if I find one that’s still whole! I passed this on to my daughter, and we’ve always enjoyed walnuts together – a little magical moment between the two of us!  How wonderful to see new companies embracing tradition, I’ll be sure to come and visit you in the Spring.”
Marisa – Travacò Siccomario (Pavia, Italy)

“I always buy Agricorti walnuts, I’m so happy I can get them in my local supermarket and I always rush to get some before they’re all snatched up at Christmas. I eat walnuts every single day, it might be just one some days, but it’s a ritual I’ve passed on to my children. Ciao!”
Giovanni – Pavia

“Well done – as well as a delicious tasting product, you’re also educating people young and old about good eating habits and staying healthy!”
Roberta – Tortona (Alessandria, Italy)

As a sportsman, I’m always careful about what I eat. When I’m passing for Pontecurone on a bike, I play it safe and planning a break to Agricorti’s Estate Marlenzone in order to buy their delicious Lara walnuts and hazelnuts.
Mirko – Casalnoceto (AL)

When my nephews comes to visit me, I always prepare for snack a delicious walnut crostata bought to Agricorti farm. An exquisite homemade alternative to classic pre-packed snacks.
Mirella – Lungavilla (PV)

I’m vegetarian. To season my fresh countors I used the extra-virgin olive oil and mais oil for years. After my sister advised me to try the Agricorti walnut oil, I discover a new ingredient for my salad. That is so much better.
Giulia – Voghera (PV)

Every Tuesday evening, I like meet my friends of the social club at home for a briscola and a little chat. When discussions get heated, I pull out a bottle of Agricorti Nocino and we are all agree!
Alessandro – Bressana Bottarone (PV)

My dietician recommended to eat at least 4-5 walnuts a day for my vitamin and Omega 3 deficiencies. I never liked the dried fruit, but since I tasted the Agricorti Lara walnuts I can’t renounce to taste. One leds the other!
Letizia – Vigevano (PV)