Nocino vendita online - Vendita di nocinoNocino vendita online - Vendita di nocino


The Nocino of Agricorti, of a bright brown colour, clear, and with an intense and persistent scent of walnut, expresses a perfect harmony of aromas.


alcohol hydrate, sugar, infusion of walnut husks, aromas.


Available in 500ml bottles.

Alcohol content*

40% vol.



Nocino is a nut liqueur enjoyed in many European countries, obtained by infusing walnut husks in alcohol. To produce our Nocino we use unripe walnuts still in their husk, harvested from the tree at the start of the summer, when they are still tender enough to be pierced with a pin.
The difficulty lies in the selection of the walnuts and their ripening period, which requires skill and experience.
Agricorti’s experience allows us to select the finest walnuts using the most effective techniques.
Agricorti’s Nocino, a shiny brown colour, crystal clear with its intense, long-lasting walnut scent, is the expression of perfect harmony.
Our experienced distillers ensure that the Lara Walnut husks are soaked in the finest alcohol flavoured with herbs and spicies, making the most of the sun’s rays throughout the summer to create an infusion that is truly one-of-a-kind. As well as being an excellent digestif, Nocino also brings that little something extra to ice-cream, drinks and more.