Walnuts are valuable health allies because they are rich in nutritional properties. Simple to use in the kitchen and to fit in our diet, they are a great way to protect yourself against many pathologies, which is why the most recent studies place them among the foods useful to our well-being. Find out more!

Walnuts for hair health

Hair care also starts from the table: in addition to the right products and healthy hair-care products, nutrition also plays a key role if you want to show off a head of healthy hair.


Walnuts against study stress

Test anxiety? Thanks to a recent study it has been found that the consumption of walnuts helps to reduce the negative effects of study stress.


Eating walnuts to slim down

Our physical well-being is indispensable for our health, but also to feel better about ourselves. Moreover, as the summer season approaches, many are looking to get into shape, starting to diet and exercise.


Why eat nuts all year round

The experts keep telling us: nuts should be eaten all year round.

Nuts can help when we’re feeling particularly exhausted: with the right amount, in fact, these precious foods can provide the right energy to face the day,


Consuming walnuts for better sleep

Eating walnuts before bed? Yes!

One study showed that eating walnuts would increase levels of melatonin, a hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle.


The benefits of regular walnut consumption

A recent study shows that walnut consumption can reduce age-related diseases and lead to better health during aging.


Dried fruit in the diet of sports enthusiasts

A lot is said about dried fruit, how it is good for you, what properties it possess and its importance in the diet.

Different foods are normally called “dried fruit”, however, which belong to two distinct categories


Walnuts: a hunger-fighting snack

Who among us has never experienced unexpected hunger pangs right in the middle of work or at the most inappropriate times?

A handful of walnuts may prove to be just what you need in situations like these!


Walnuts in yoga

Did you know that walnuts are among the foods with higher ‘vibrational’ qualities?

To clarify, let’s start from the beginning and find out more about Yoga together.


Walnuts as nutraceutical food

Not all foods are the same: some contain substances which, in addition to providing nutrition, can have beneficial effects on the health.

The experts call them “nutraceutical foods”: something between food and pharmaceuticals.


Walnuts in the food pyramid

The Mediterranean diet, known worldwide as a particularly varied and healthy diet model, became famous throughout the world in the 1990s, thanks to the food pyramid.


Walnuts in the portfolio diet

A recent study from the University of Toronto has shown that the consumption of walnuts in the portfolio diet is a useful factor in lowering cholesterol levels and protecting our cardiovascular system.


Crunch diet and nuts

With the arrival of spring, lots of us start to think about getting back into shape before trying on the swimming costume

One possible new ally in the fight to lose weight might be the so-called “crunch effect”, or listening to the sound of your chewing.


Walnut flour: fragrant and healthy

Are you looking for a gluten-free alternative to common wheat flour?

Do you want to surprise friends and family with a custom version of your favourite recipe?

Walnut flour, with its intense aroma and its particular consistency, can be used for several preparations, especially sweets, but not just those.


Walnut milk
Latte di noci: ingredienti, ricetta e preparazione - Walnut milk: ingredients, recipe and preparation

On hot, humid summer days, waking up and finding a way to have a light, healthy, nutritional breakfast can often prove challenging.

Walnut milk is a great alternative to classic dairy milk.


Heat and stress: add nuts to your breakfast
Noci a colazione: alimentazione per combattere il caldo - Nuts for breakfast: food against heat and stress

Light diet but rich in nutrients. It is the one recommended by experts on particularly hot days, when for study or work reasons, we are subjected to periods of stress and we cannot afford to lose concentration.