A frame decorated with walnuts

How many times do we have to get a gift for someone, but we are short of ideas?

With a pinch of imagination and a bit of manual skill, you can easily create a custom frame using simple walnut shells.

You will only have to get:

  • a frame of the shape and size you want
  • walnuts
  • hot glue
  • enamels, tempera, spray paints, etc. (depending on the type of colouring you want to do)
  • any other decorations, such as glitter, pebbles, shells, beads, pine cones, etc., depending on the season and the result you want to achieve


Carefully open the walnuts in half, maybe using a knife, and thoroughly empty the shells.

You can colour the shells individually before gluing them, or after applying them on the frame, or even leaving them in their natural colour, according to your tastes.

If you decide to colour the walnuts, we suggest applying a light coat of transparent spray paint after colouring (especially if you use simple tempera), in order to make the colours more resistant and vivid.

Once the walnuts are ready, apply a line of glue on the edge of each shell and apply them one by one on the frame, pushing well for about ten seconds, until the glue dries. Proceed in the same way to glue the other decorations.

Let yourself be guided by imagination to embellish your frame… and voilà! It’s done!

It will certainly make for a welcome and original gift.

Handmade with love… and walnuts!