A mini walnut tree

Sometimes there isn’t enough room to have a proper Xmas tree…but don’t worry! We have a simple, but original suggestion to create a mini tree using walnuts!

What you need:

  • walnuts
  • spray paint
  • hot glue
  • gold thread
  • small bells or balls


You first need to create the structure for the mini tree, by placing and sticking the walnuts one on top of the other, gradually creating smaller layers as you work upwards to form a sort of pyramid.

Then, colour the walnuts using the spray paint.

Thread the balls and /or mini bells onto the gold thread, spacing them out.

After securing one end of the gold thread with a drop of glue to the tip on the mini tree, wrap it around your creation, spacing the decorations out evenly.

Once finished, place a star or a bow on the top.

Your mini walnut tree is now ready!