A miniature garden

Do you have a passion for botany and gardening but not enough space for your hobby?

Creating a miniature garden using walnut shells is very simple

and with just a few materials you can create a decorative and really original and very nice ornament, which doesn’t require particular skills.

Here’s what you need:

  • topsoil for succulents (or universal topsoil mixed with sand)
  • walnut shells
  • small cacti or succulents
  • a little wooden box (available in craft and hobby shops)
  • decorative material of your choice (coloured sand or pebbles, shells, moss, beads…)


Above all you need to choose the plants most suited to the purpose.  Now in the supermarkets and large shops that sell flowers and gardening items, you can find examples of Crassulaceae, Lythops, Echeveria or other small size little plants, which well suites themselves to being planted in a walnut shell.

Once you have found the small plants, put a bit of topsoil in the walnut shells and, very carefully, moisten them with a few drops of water, therefore arranging the plants paying close attention to covering the roots well.

Place the walnuts, at this point transformed into real mini plant pots, in the wooden box, already having arranged the decorative material that you chose to keep the walnut shells upright inside.

Position your creation in a bright area and remember that cacti plants and succulents only need a little watering, which you can do more easily with a pipette.

And here you have a beautiful garden suitable for a dolls house!