An original place card: the farmer

Here’s a little trick to introduce kids to dried fruit consumption: let’s use walnuts to create fun place cards.

Today we’ll make the farmer.


  • whole walnuts
  • black and coloured foam sheets
  • adhesive eyes
  • quick glue
  • scissors


Draw a circle of approximately 7 cm in diameter on the coloured foam sheet and cut it out. With the scissors, make a cut to the centre of the circle, following its radius, then create a cone to make the farmer’s hat and fix it with the glue to the overlapping end.

Draw the moustache shape on the black foam sheet, cut them out and stick them to the walnut.

Finish the work of art by positioning the adhesive eyes.

And after play time, the walnuts will become a healthy snack as an alternative to pre-packed snacks!