Decorate Christmas with walnuts

Do you want to upgrade your Christmas tree but the usual items in the shops don’t really do it?

With a bit of patience and creativity, we have an idea for original, eye-catching decorations with walnuts!

You will need:

  • walnuts
  • gold (or silver) thread
  • hot glue gun
  • glitter
  • cotton
  • small decorative items in a Christmas theme (little trees, small angels, things from a nativity scene, various small animals, snowmen, etc)


You can use empty shells or whole walnuts. In any case, we recommend choosing the biggest ones you can find so that you can glue your chosen decorative items (or place them inside).

To decorate whole walnuts, simply use the hot gun to glue your decorative items to the shell; once the glue has dried, attach a piece of gold (or silver) thread to the back of the decoration and then hang it up.

To decorate the inside of the walnut shell, start by making a “background”, filling the shell with glitter, cotton and gold thread. Then, run a thread of hot glue around the edge of the shell and apply the coloured glitter, pressing gently on a flat surface to make it stick well. Complete your decoration by attaching inside the object (or the figure) that you’ve chosen and the gold thread in order to hang it.

The options are truly unlimited: change the colours, the materials, the topic and the combinations.

Unleash your imagination and then show off your Christmas decorations!