Heat and stress: add nuts to your breakfast

Light diet but rich in nutrients. It is the one recommended by experts on particularly hot days, when for study or work reasons, we are subjected to periods of stress and we cannot afford to lose concentration.

The main rule in this case is to focus on breakfast by carefully choosing the foods that will immediately serve as fuel for the rest of the day.

A balanced menu for the first meal of the morning is made up of cereals, which produce slow-release sugars, milk or yogurt (rich in calcium), and a fruit (which has vitamins, mineral salts, and water). Nuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acids that are important for memory and to keep the attention threshold high: green light then for walnuts and hazelnuts, by themselves or in muesli, perhaps added to milk or yoghurt, and also to keep in your pocket for a quick and nutritious snack.

It is fundamental to focus on digestibility, thus prioritize light, non-stuffed, low-fat foods. To counteract the dehydration easily caused by the heat, it is of course important to drink lots of fluids.