Little boats with walnut shells: easy and fun

[:en]Just a pinch of fantasy and creativity is enough to transform simple walnut shells into many cute, beautiful to see and fun to decorate objects.

An activity that can involve even the youngest, but that, as you will see, will also give satisfaction to mom and dad.

Let’s start from the very easy things that can become a fun summer pastime, particularly welcome in the hottest days. In fact, just a couple of tricks are needed to transform walnut shells into cute floating boats.

The materials you need are really basic:

  • walnut shells
  • play dough or crumb or salt dough
  • paper, cardboard, cloth scrap
  • toothpicks


Empty the walnut shells. Prepare many small balls of play dough or crumb to squeeze inside the shells to fill them. Use all your inspiration and fantasy to cut, colour, and decorate the pieces of paper, cardboard, or cloth that once pierced by the toothpicks will form the sails.

The only thing left to do is to stick the sails in your base of play dough or crumb and the boat is ready to be put into the water!

3, 2, 1… games on!