Nuts are healthy, delicious, and a basic ingredient for an endless variety of recipes, from appetizers to sweets, for all tastes. We present here a rich collection of them along with many curiosities related to the numerous properties enclosed in this precious fruit of nature.

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Creamy polenta with walnuts and ricotta

Difficulty: low
Preparation: 40 minutes

Cooking time: 30 minutes

Ingredients for: 4 people


A simple, yet very tasty recipe, perfect for warming up even the coldest winter days!


Christmas wreath with walnuts

When Christmas approaches, the desire arises to make something original by hand which you can use to decorate your home or table during the festive period. »

Walnut shells as fuel

We are becoming increasingly aware of the environment in our daily decisions, in what we buy, how we use and dispose of it. »

Walnuts: a hunger-fighting snack

Who among us has never experienced unexpected hunger pangs right in the middle of work or at the most inappropriate times?

A handful of walnuts may prove to be just what you need in situations like these!


Sleeping mice

What’s the betting that with this idea your kids will start liking nuts?

Set aside lots of walnuts and hazelnuts…and let’s make sleeping mice! »

The legend of the Benevento walnut

Long ago, it was said that on the night of San Giovanni, witches flew in the sky by the thousands, on their way to the great Sabbath held at the walnut tree in Benevento


Fish fillets with speck and walnuts

Difficulty: low

Cooking time: 15 minutes

Preparation: 10 minutes

Ingredients for: 2 people


A tasty main fish course that is easy to prepare, pan-ready in just a few minutes»

Carnivorous plants with walnut shells

Walnut shells can easily be transformed in a thousand different ways, creating original and imaginative objects.

If your favourite hobby is DIY and you like to build many little things to decorate your home, this project is right for you! »

Walnut, Bach’s floral remedy

Bach flowers – or Bach flower remedies – are a form of alternative medicine conceived by British doctor Edward Bach (1886 – 1936).


Walnuts in yoga

Did you know that walnuts are among the foods with higher ‘vibrational’ qualities?

To clarify, let’s start from the beginning and find out more about Yoga together. »

An unusual heat-resistant mat

Walnut shells, they are resistant and woody, what could you do with this material that we would normally throw away? Got it: a nice heat-resistant mat!


Walnut shells for plants

Often, after a nice dinner with friends, we find ourselves snacking with walnuts, and at the end of the evening there is a nice pile of shells that are normally thrown away. »

Pizza with walnuts, pears and gorgonzola fondue

Difficulty: low

Preparation: 50 min

Leavening: 24 hours

Portions: 4 people


This pizza is very reminiscent of the 80s, due to the particular combination of its ingredients, between the sweet of the pears and the savoury of the other components. »

A mini walnut tree

Sometimes there isn’t enough room to have a proper Xmas tree…but don’t worry! We have a simple, but original suggestion to create a mini tree using walnuts! »

Walnuts and saints

The symbolism of the walnut has always figured in many spheres, from folk lore, to mythology and rituals linked to specific occurrences.

We have discovered that even in the Christian religion, the walnut was associated with specific meanings »

Savoury cheesecake with Gorgonzola and walnuts

Difficulty: low

Preparation: 1 hour

Cooling: 2 hours

Servings: 16 people


This savoury cheesecake is an eye-catching, delicate and extremely tasty dish.


Vampires and owls

The arrival of autumn heralds the beginning of the walnut period! Here is a suggestion for creating cute figures for children made from walnuts. »

The “power” of three-lobed walnuts

Have you ever found a three-lobed walnut? It is said that there is one in 150.000!

Usually, in popular beliefs, finding something rare means having lots of luck. »

Walnuts as nutraceutical food

Not all foods are the same: some contain substances which, in addition to providing nutrition, can have beneficial effects on the health.

The experts call them “nutraceutical foods”: something between food and pharmaceuticals.


Wind chimes: the sound of walnuts

How relaxing it is to be in the open air listening to wind chimes

If you want to make one to hang on your terrace or in your garden, you just need to follow a few simple steps.