The Easter tree

Yes, you read that right… there is also an Easter tree!

Traditional Easter decoration from northern Europe, it is usually composed of twigs adorned with colourful spring symbols,

such as coloured eggs, bunnies, chicks, flowers, birds, ladybugs, etc.

Unlike the Christmas tree, which has pagan origins, the Easter tree, also known as the ‘tree of life’ symbolizes the rebirth of man and the resurrection of Jesus, recalling a famous passage from Genesis: ‘The Lord God caused to sprout the tree of life in the middle of the garden.’

Of course, we made our own version of the Easter tree, using walnuts instead of eggs!

Do you want to try it yourselves? Here’s what you need:

  • A pot, mug, or empty jar
  • A few twigs
  • A polystyrene ball (easily available in DIY shops)
  • Gravel or sand for aquariums
  • Moss or packing wool
  • Walnuts
  • Coloured ribbons, beads, fake flowers, various spring decorations
  • Tempera paints
  • Hot glue


Prepare the pot by filling it with gravel or aquarium sand. If you use an empty jar you can cover it with jute, decorate it with string or passementerie, or simply paint it.

Colour the twigs with the tempera paints, then insert them into the polystyrene ball and then place them in the pot, so that they are firmly attached to the base.

Then start gluing the walnuts and other decorations on the polystyrene ball, making sure to fill all the spaces. Depending on the colours and objects you have chosen for your project, you can leave the walnuts in their natural colour or paint them with tempera.

Wrap your creation with coloured ribbons and finish by placing a bit of wool or moss and some other decoration on the pot.

Easy, right? And very original too!