The benefits of regular walnut consumption

A recent study shows that walnut consumption can reduce age-related diseases and lead to better health during aging.

The study sampled nearly 34,000 nurses aged between 50 and 60, whose nutrition was monitored by focusing on the consumption of nuts (peanuts, walnuts, other nuts and peanut butter).

After a careful analysis of the data, it emerged that walnuts are the only type of dried fruit whose consumption is associated with statistically significant probabilities of aging in good health after the age of 65.

But what does ‘good health’ mean?

The examined parameters were: onset of chronic diseases, mental health, cognitive and physical function.

This study found that higher walnut consumption in middle aged people correlated with a higher likelihood of general health and well-being in old age.

It is important to emphasize that the results are particularly relevant to health, as small adjustments in the daily diet can promote well-being during aging.

Once again, regular consumption of walnuts turns out to be a strategy that helps keep us healthy.


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