The woodpecker

A couple of walnuts are enough to create together with your kids a sound toy: the woodpecker!

You will only need:

  • walnuts
  • card stock
  • colours (markers or tempera and brushes)
  • adhesive eyes (optional)
  • quick glue
  • scissors


Open the walnuts and empty the shells well, trying to keep them whole.

Draw a line about 20 cm long and 4 cm wide on the card stock (measurements are approximate) and cut it out, rounding the ends.

Fold it in half and draw the head of the woodpecker, then colour it however you like. If you have the adhesive eyes you will simply have to glue them.

To make your woodpecker even cuter you can apply a tuft of wool, a bow, flowers, or coloured feathers.

Finally, glue the walnut shells inside the woodpecker’s beak.

By making the walnut shells touch, it will seem like you really have a woodpecker in the house and the kids will love it!