Pin cushion with walnut shells

Are your pins scattered all over the sewing box? Can’t find the needles or are you afraid of losing them? With a few simple steps and some walnut shells you can create pin cushions that will be right for you!

All you will need are:

  • Cotton or similar padding material
  • Coloured fabric, felt or felted fabric
  • Walnuts
  • Quick setting glue


Crack the walnuts carefully in half and hollow out the shells. If necessary, file the edges of the shells if any sharp fragments remain.

With cotton (or padding material) form rounded balls without compressing the material too much and wrap them carefully with a small piece of coloured fabric.

Secure them with glue inside the walnut shells, keeping the smoothest part facing upwards.

Your custom pin cushions are ready to be used and to give a touch of originality (and order!) to your sewing material.