Sleeping mice

What’s the betting that with this idea your kids will start liking nuts?

Set aside lots of walnuts and hazelnuts…and let’s make sleeping mice!

You will need:

  • walnuts and hazelnuts
  • felt
  • cotton wool
  • scraps of coloured fabric
  • string
  • scissors
  • fine-tipped black indelible pen
  • quick-drying glue


Crack the walnuts carefully in half and hollow out the shells.

Draw small ears on the felt, cut them out and stick them on the hazelnuts with the quick-drying glue.

Wrap a ball of cotton wool in a scrap of coloured fabric and place it in the walnut shell with the hazelnut, holding everything in place with the glue, if necessary.

Make the mouse’s tail with a piece of string and draw the nose with the indelible felt pen.

And here are your cute little mice fast asleep in their beds made out of walnuts, perfect for doll’s houses too!