Vampires and owls

The arrival of autumn heralds the beginning of the walnut period! Here is a suggestion for creating cute figures for children made from walnuts.

What you need:

  • whole walnuts
  • pieces of felt or sheets of coloured foam
  • self-adhesive eyes
  • super glue
  • pencil
  • scissors


For the vampire: stick two whole walnuts one on top of the other. To make the cape, draw a rectangle on a black sheet and cut it out. Draw and cut out the shape of the collar of the cape from a sheet of a different colour. Stick the two shapes on the walnuts with the super glue. If you want to, you can also make some decorations for the cape, using other materials or little die-cut shapes. Cut out two small white triangles to use as the vampire’s teeth. Lastly, stick on the self-adhesive eyes.

For the owl: on the pieces of felt or foam, draw the shape of the wings and the beak, then cut them out and stick them on the walnuts. To finish, stick the self-adhesive eyes on your owl. If you have any little feathers, you can use them to make the owl look more realistic.

So, all it takes is just a few steps and your mini figures are ready. They will be perfect for Halloween too!