Walnut flour: fragrant and healthy

Are you looking for a gluten-free alternative to common wheat flour?

Do you want to surprise friends and family with a custom version of your favourite recipe?

Walnut flour, with its intense aroma and its particular consistency, can be used for several preparations, especially sweets, but not just those.

Walnut flour is obtained by the grinding of the product resulting from the cold pressing of walnuts to obtain their oil.

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot prepare it at home simply by blending the nuts in a mixer; by doing so, in fact, the oily component of the fruit remains, giving the product a different consistency, almost buttery and therefore richer in calories.

As can be deduced, therefore, walnut flour, compared to the intact fruit, is ‘lighter’ in terms of lipid content and is characterized by a high protein content.

With its pleasant walnut scent, it lends itself to the preparation of bread, pies, cookies, but also pasta, ice cream, soft desserts, sauces, and creative seasonings.

Walnut flour: a perfect mix of taste and health!