Walnuts for hair health

Hair care also starts from the table: in addition to the right products and healthy hair-care products, nutrition also plays a key role if you want to show off a head of healthy hair.

To show off strong and healthy hair it is therefore important to act also from the inside, choosing an adequate diet: it in fact needs the right mix of nutrients, which can be taken through the most common everyday foods. These include walnuts.

Thanks to their intake you can act directly on the fibre of the scalp, nourishing it adequately and thus promoting more resistant hair growth.

This nut contains mainly protein, mineral salts and vitamins. For example, B vitamins and vitamins A and C protect the hair from dryness, brittleness and the tendency to flake. Iron, zinc and calcium have an invigorating, regenerating and anti-fall action. Proteins nourish the hair deeply, strengthening it from the skin.

Fatty acids (including omega 3) also have a beneficial effect on hair quality: they act on microcirculation and on the production of keratin and protect its radiance, strength and softness. Omega-6 and vitamin B7 also work together to strengthen hair follicles and stop hair loss.

Walnuts are also rich in vitamin B5, which accelerates hair growth, slowing the appearance of grey hair, and selenium, a mineral that counteracts dandruff as it acts on the health of the scalp.  Finally, they contain folic acid, excellent for oxygenating the blood of hair follicles.

Eating roughly 5 nuts a day thereforehelps your hair gain in beauty.


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