Walnuts in yoga

Did you know that walnuts are among the foods with higher ‘vibrational’ qualities?

To clarify, let’s start from the beginning and find out more about Yoga together.

In the tradition of Yoga, the body is called ‘annamaya kos’a’, (in Sanskrit: ‘made of food’), to underline the close link between food, body, and mind. The body is in fact considered the first level of the mind, the most material and external one, the tool through which the mind interacts with the world.

For Yoga practitioners, foods are classified according to their ‘vibrational’ qualities, linked to the three main cosmic forces that gave rise to the universe and constantly flow in it: Sattva (harmonious and regular energy), Rajas (dynamic energy, chaotic and unstable), and Tamas (inertia, static phase of energy).

In particular, the consumption of Sattvic food is recommended for those who practice Yoga and meditation.

Walnuts belong to Sattvic foods, i.e. those characterized by a higher vibrational energy value that thus contribute to keeping us healthier.

This category includes, in addition to walnuts, fruit, most vegetables, cereals and derivatives, seeds, almonds, milk and dairy products, moderate quantities of aromatic herbs and spices. These foods make the body harmonious, pure, and the mind clear and concentrated, thus contributing to keeping health and mental peace and promoting spiritual evolution. People full of sattvic energy are in fact characterized by faith in the profound values ​​of life and in spiritual research.

So, to stay healthy, a combination of meditation and walnuts is excellent!