Carnivorous plants with walnut shells

Walnut shells can easily be transformed in a thousand different ways, creating original and imaginative objects.

If your favourite hobby is DIY and you like to build many little things to decorate your home, this project is right for you!

Let’s make carnivorous plants with walnuts!

Here is the list of what you need:

  • walnuts
  • tempera paint and brushes
  • toothpicks
  • coloured pipe cleaners
  • wire cutter
  • quick-setting glue
  • hot glue
  • jars
  • sand or gravel for aquariums


Break the walnuts being careful to open them exactly in half, empty them and thoroughly clean the inside of the shells.

Colour the outside of the shell with the colours you like most, then colour the inside and the edge red (it will be the mouth of the plant). For the leaves, colour the shells green and draw the veins.

With a wire cutter, cut the tips of the toothpicks and colour them white. When the colours are dry, you can glue (with a drop of quick-setting glue) the toothpicks on the red edges of the shells, to create the teeth.

Take the pipe cleaners, roll the ends so as to create the base on which you will position the walnuts, then stick them two by two with hot glue. With the other pipe cleaners, you can create leaves, flowers and various decorations to place in the jar together with the carnivorous plant.

Finally, compose the jar, putting in the gravel, the pipe cleaners, and the walnuts, then position it where you like most, to give a touch of colour and originality to your home!