Christmas wreath with walnuts

When Christmas approaches, the desire arises to make something original by hand which you can use to decorate your home or table during the festive period.

A wreath always makes a statement and is easy to make with materials that you already have at home.

Given the season, it is not difficult to get your hands on lots of walnuts: you can use ones you have bought or ones that grow here and there in the wild and in city parks.

You need the following material for this project:

  • A polystyrene base for a wreath (if you can’t find one in a hobby shop, you also use some cardboard, from an old box)
  • Hessian
  • Whole walnuts
  • Christmas baubles, marbles, bells, dried flowers, pine cones, twigs and anything else you can think of to decorate the wreath
  • Coloured ribbons
  • Hot glue

First, if you haven’t managed to get hold of a polystyrene wreath, you will have to make one: using two different size plates, draw a doughnut on the cardboard and cut it out. Repeat the operation so that you have 2 or 3 identical shapes and stick them on top of each other to form a solid base for your wreath (it should be a couple of centimetres thick).

Once you have constructed the base, cover it with the hessian which you have previously cut into strips. You don’t need a needle and thread to fasten the hessian; just use the hot glue.

Then, start by sticking the walnuts (and other kinds of nuts too, if you like) evenly on the wreath, leaving the back free. After that, stick on all the other decorations however you like.

Finish off your wreath with the coloured ribbons and spray on some glitter or artificial snow, if you like.

Here is your Christmas wreath, ready to be hung on your front door or placed in the centre of your table for your Christmas dinner!