Dream of walnuts

Have you ever dreamt of walnuts?

Yes, maybe it is a little unusual but if it should happen, you should know that your dream symbolises the possible discovery of something that satisfies and makes you feel good.

Analysing a walnut objectively, we note that it presents itself as a fruit with a hard, woody shell, inside of which is a fragrant, tasty kernel, so its properties suggest the idea of abundance and  nourishment. In other words, the walnut is like a small treasure chest with precious contents.

Depending on the context in which walnuts are presented, the dream can take on different meanings.

For example, dreaming of opening a nut represents the effort needed to find the solution to a problem. If, then, in the act of cracking them, we find something precious inside them, it indicates that we are going to meet with some good luck; conversely, if we dream of finding something rotten, or even nothing at all, it means that we have to be careful with our assets.

If, in the dream, there are lots of walnuts, it means that there is some important news on the horizon.

Pay attention to the shell: if, in the dream, the walnuts are shelled, it means that something wonderful is about to happen in your life and even with little or no effort; if, though, we dream about walnuts still in their shell, it means that we need to dig deep in order to reach our objectives. Additionally, if the shell is very large, it means that there are some significant changes in store.

If we dream of not being able to open the walnuts, it means that we are overcomplicating our life and we are wasting too much energy uselessly, so we have to try to ration or measure our efforts to reach our objectives.

Dreaming of cooking a dish or a dessert with walnuts indicates prosperity and economic growth for our family, whilst if, in the dream, we are eating walnuts, it means that, finally, past problems will be just a distant memory and we will be able to enjoy a little peace.

If we dream of purchasing walnuts, it means that we need to make some changes within our homes; if, on the other hand, we dream of selling walnuts, it means that we are living or that a significant benefit is coming.

Dreaming of walnuts on the tree means that we need to sustain, from an economic point a view, a person close to use, whilst if we see a walnut on a branch, it means that we will need some moral and economic support for something which is going to happen very soon.

Dreaming of the kernel of the walnut refers, above all, to neurological problems or, in any event, to problems associated with your head because the kernel’s shape resembles our brain.

Finally, dreaming of a woman collecting walnuts or who carries a basket of walnuts is connected with fertility.

The walnut, therefore, depending on how it appears in our dreams, reveals unsuspecting messages concerning our life.