Gemmotherapy with walnut buds

Bud-derivatives are flower remedies used for the body’s well-being and to counteract various physical aliments.

As suggested by the name, these remedies are formulated using healing substances found in nature within the buds (or “gemma”, that is, the part that grows) of plants.

While Bach flowers mainly affect the individual’s mental and emotional state, bud-derivatives perform a healing action on a physical level. They perform a purifying action, the aim of which is to expel toxins from the body and therefore promote the body’s overall well-being. Depending on the specific type of bud, they can also affect the functionality of the body’s other organs and tissues.

Walnut buds, for example, have anti-infective and anti-inflammatory properties: they stimulate the liver cells, performing an important draining action. According to European scientific literature, the walnut bud-derivative is extremely effective in counteracting staphylococcal and streptococcal infections, in particular in the trachea and bronchi.

Walnut buds are also valued for their purifying properties on the skin: they are in fact used to treat certain skin alterations and to assist the healing of sores and wounds.

Thanks to its antiseptic properties and the ability to improve skin trophism, the walnut bud-derivative proves extremely effective for the general treatment of acne, but also hyperhidrosis and mycosis.

Lastly, it is also recommended for treating halitosis.