Walnut shells as fuel

We are becoming increasingly aware of the environment in our daily decisions, in what we buy, how we use and dispose of it.

To make a further contribution towards the health of our planet, we can use what is considered to be “waste” to heat our homes.

For example, not everybody knows that walnut shells have a heating power comparable to that of wood (about 4,300 Kcal/Kg).

We tend of eat more nuts in the winter months and so, we often find ourselves with handfuls of nut shells to dispose of.

If you have a fireplace or a wood-burning stove, you can safely burn the shells which you would normally throw away because they are totally natural products which do not need to treated in any way and are ideal for heating your home.

Reusing walnut shells as fuel means exploiting all the raw materials offered by nature in a sustainable manner, respecting the environment and avoiding unnecessary waste.

If you have a wood-fired oven, on the other hand, you could add a little extra something by using the nut shells when preparing pizzas and focaccia which will acquire a unique fragrance when cooked in this way!