Agricorti, a heritage enclosed in the shell of a walnut

The walnut is a very vigorous tree, supported by a solid trunk and characterized by a majestic presence. Peculiarities that, by no coincidence, can be attributed to the Corti family, who, for generations, has been working in agriculture with great seriousness and respect for humans, product, and the environment.

A connection with the land expressed through Agricorti, a company that has its strong roots between Piedmont and Lombardy: in the province of Alessandria at the Marlenzone estate of Pontecurone and in Bressana Bottarone, in the province of Pavia, at the Cascina Matta estate. A total of about 200 hectares of cereal, walnuts, and hazelnuts cultivated with devotion and passion.

Inside a shell, nature has enclosed a small jewel of genuineness; Agricorti has always had the task of keeping intact its many virtues so that they can be valuable allies of health and well-being.